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DEAN MARTIN TV Collection: the Celebrity Roast

There are hundreds of television classics, which keep the TV screens and the network channels busy. However, the question that creeps up is that, how many of them make their way through the difficult turf of popularity and create a history? The truth is that you will hardly find a few.

But, a TV show that created history and survived for nearly a decade was the Dean Martin show. As every greatest empire falls, the Dean Martin TV show also had an evident end. By the year 1973, the popularity of the show began to decline. It was then that the DEAN MARTIN TV collection: the Celebrity Roast was introduced and the dipping popularity of the television comedy-variety was revived. The television audience started liking the show and the roast brought the series back on track and improved its rating.

Bob Hope was the first celebrity to show up on the episode and as expected by Martin, the show turned into an instant hit! The lost popularity of the show among the audience seemed to be a story of the past. This new segment of the show was first shot in California and later on, it was moved permanently to Las Vegas. The place that was selected for the rest of the taping was the MGM Grand Hotel.

The popularity of the show increased so much that by the early 1979, a large number of celebrities were roasted in the show. Some of the popular names, which featured during the years 1973-1984 were, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart, Ronald Regan, Joan Collins and many more celebrities.

What enchanted the audiences was that the celebrities in the show did not pretend nor they wore a mask on their face. They were in fact, presented themselves as what they are as humans and to the surprise of the audiences, they actually participated in the comedy skits and performed musical solos or duets with Martin. Without malice against anyone, Martin and his crew made fun and ridiculed the celebrities and the legendary stars. The ribbing insults and embarrassing stories of the celebrity friends became wildly popular and wrote down the saga of another successful decade for Dean Martin!